Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Product Review: Bumkins Grande Diaper Bag

Bumkins sent me the CUTEST diaper bag in Rose Circles to review. I'm so excited that I had to share with you all as soon as I could. As many of you who've been around Goodies for Mom for a while may know, I have been on the look out for the perfect new diaper bag for several months after some not so nice news about my once favorite George Diaper Bag was released. Well, I think I have found it.

As soon as I opened the box, I quickly began to put all the stuff from my old bag into the new one [ok, minus a few used tissues and granola bar wrappers ;-) ] and I was so excited because it not only all fit, but I even have a little space left over. There are eight pockets total both inside and out for putting everything in its place. The close ties make a cute bow, and the web straps keep the bag from sliding off your shoulder even with a slippery rain jacket (Yes, the East coast has had its share of rain the last few days). They've thought of everything even a ring to hook your keys on. This is a lifesaver for me or I'd never find my keys, and I have a tip: get one of those mini carabeaners to easily get them on and off.

This bag has everything my old bag did, oh yeah except one thing: LEAD!!!! This bag is PVC, BPA, Phthalate & Vinyl Free. It wipes clean with warm water and mild detergent . You can turn it inside out for a less feminine look or if you just want a change.

I'm also looking forward to one day using this as a stylish, laptop case once I no longer need a diaper bag to lug around all my mommy gear for my toddler. I know that day will come soon, but not soon enough for me. LOL!

If you do not need a new diaper bag, Bumkins has lots of other cute stuff, including their signature Waterproof Superbib® products and cloth diaper products that are also completely vinyl free, PVC free, and Phthalate free. For older children, they offer smocks and aprons for your little artists. For eco-conscious moms, they even offer organic and natural bibs, blankets, and towels. Bumkins is also proud to offer Dr. Seuss infant and toddler apparel and accessories featuring many popular storybook characters.

About Bumkins
Since 1989, Bumkins has been committed to designing baby and toddler products that are not only fresh and innovative, but also a staple in the industry. They believe in incorporating good quality with good value, and providing our customers with products that they deserve.

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