Tuesday, May 20, 2008

J&J Realizes the Power of Mommy Bloggers

Last month Johnson & Johnson hosted a gathering of some of the most influential and popular mommy bloggers from all over the United States [my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail or cyberspace ;-)]. The event was a way for J&J to learn more about social media and the impact it could have on their marketing efforts in the coming years. Although it was an overall success and the moms had good things to say, J&J still has a few things to learn. Ex. Do not invite a bunch of moms and tell them that their child are banned, especially nursing moms. Uh, their bad. But hopefully they will learn from their mistakes.

We are an incredible group of women with huge buying potential, and we love to share things with our friends if we like them. Large corporations are just beginning to realize just how important women online are to their success and that they need to meet us where we are, which is often sitting in our pajamas in front of a PC chatting with our cyber friends. :)

Read more by Betsy Cummings in her article, "J&J Takes Baby Steps Toward Social Media."

Source: Brandweek