Friday, April 18, 2008

Why I Try to Live Greener

by Leslie Quigley
Blogs at Recyle Your Day

I started living a greenier lifestyle while in college. I have always had a green heart so I just naturally progressed into it. After college, Massage Therapy school had an influence in how I looked at conventional medicine and from there it blossomed into broader areas. Alternative medicine is something I believe in - even in my younger years- I wouldn't take Tylenol for headaches! I've been feeding my brain eco-fuel for quite some time and really enjoy living the a la naturale lifestyle.

Being green, crunchy and an eco-mama is in my blood. My passion is the environment. When I'm out in nature I'm more grounded with the world and my surroundings. I'm grateful for our beautiful scenery and resources. I worry about our future- our children's future...what will it be like for them? Much of my greenness comes from learning about the Rain Forest destruction when I was young. I wanted to contribute- I didn't want to be held responsible...I felt compelled to act and adopt the 3R's philosophy! (I really wanted to adopt the Rainforest animals!!!) That way of thinking paved the road to my environmentalist views and ways.

Becoming pregnant only emphasized these beliefs and made it more real! The idea of wanting the BEST for your child- well, that's what we all want and for me it's about raising my child to be free of toxins and harmful chemicals and hopefully he'll learn to love and respect our planet too- after all and coincidentally- he was born on Earth Day! Which is my main inspiration for creating the site! It's not easy living a sustainable lifestyle so, having support makes worthwhile.

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