Friday, April 18, 2008

Product Review: BornFree Bisphenol-A Free Plastic Bottles

The BornFree™ Bisphenol-A (BPA) Free plastic bottles make sure baby is safe if you find that you need to use bottles. The carmel-colored bottle uses a new innovative air vent that helps eliminate colic symptoms. Each bottle comes with a level 1 nipple and a cover. They also have an insert to divide the formula from water for use outside the home. They are in two sizes, 5 oz. and 9 oz.

The BornFree™ round nipples have a broad base that fits nicely in baby's mouth. It helps to facilitate tongue and jaw motions similar to breastfeeding. They are made of soft, silicone. The nipples come in 3 levels of flow from slow (1) to fast(3).

There are a few more pieces pieces that I like to have to wash but it works well and is safe for baby. Sounds like the next best thing to breastfeeding. In addition, BornFree carries glass bottles, training and drinking cups that are also free of BPA, Phthlates, and PVC.

They are easily available at Babies R Us, Whole Foods, and

Read more about BPA in the article, "Protecting kids from toxic chemicals in plastic."

About BornFree
BornFree™ is committed to the highest standards of baby feeding systems in the world. BornFree™ provides mothers with the most advanced, clinically tested baby feeding systems.BornFree™ is dedicated to distribute products that are the highest quality baby feeding accessories in the world.

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