Monday, April 21, 2008

Product Review: Sprout Bamboo Clothing

Sprout Kids Clothing offered to let us sample some of their bamboo clothing line. Can I tell you I could not be more surprised when it arrived? I'm thinking bamboo is hard right? But this clothing is soooo incredibly soft. It is also so gently and comfy on little one's skin. My boys loved just touching it and they are very lightweight. . The cool designs will look fabulous on any beach baby.

Bamboo protects against UV rays that can be very harmful to "new sprouts" and has a natural shine to it that gives a light gloss to the clothing. Although currently bambo is not being certified organic by the FDA, bamboo is grown without fertilizer, pesticides, insecticides or genetically modified organisms. It is also entirely biodegradable.

“I wanted to create children’s clothing that was sustainable, but without sacrificing quality or putting kids in burlap bags,” says Sprout’s founder Maegan Harvey. “When I discovered bamboo, that was it. It’s the perfect fabric for children, and – I’m serious – this plant could save the world.”

My only tip is to order big because it seems to run very small. We received a 4 year old one that fit my 2 year old perfectly.

A $1 from every "Sprout's mommy" and "Sprout's daddy" t-shirt you buy will go to the Co-Op Climate Change Department, whose mission is to help stop global warming.

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