Monday, April 21, 2008

Product Review: Brown Bag Originals

Brown Bag Botanicals feels that taking care of our skin is an important step in caring for our whole self. This is why they use natural ingredients that are not chemically processed. The are paraben free, petroleum free, vegan, and pure. They are most popular for their shea butters. They were nice enough to send me their chocolate and lavender orange scents to give a try.

The thick shea butter works great on dry skin, as well as helping with stretch marks from pregnancy.

Brown Bag Botanicals gave a great tip on their site about rubbing it between your palms to melt it a little before applying. You also do not want to use to much or it will be hard to rub in. And the smell, well one is chocolate need I say more. What woman does not love chocolate? The lavender and orange was a very relaxing smell.

They also snuck in a little surprise for me in the box, their brand new "Youth Serum." It is being launched later this week when their totally redesigned website goes live. This was my favorite of the three. The organic facial serum is used at night over face and neck. It's primarily organic rosehip seed oil & is enriched with grape seed extract. It only takes a little. Do not do what silly I did and spray it on your face. That is way too much. Just spray a little in your hand and rub on your face and neck. I have oily skin so I was nervous about using it since it's on the oilier side but NO breakouts. It feels very healing when you put it on, especially with the calming lavender smell lulls you off to sleep. Having oily skin, daily may be a bit too much but if you have drier skin you'd definitely benefit from a nightly routine. I do think my skin feels smoother and softer since beginning to use it. Watch their site for its official debut.

About Brown Bag Botanicals
After the birth of her first daughter, Christine Trice, President of Brown Bag Botanicals, was on a desperate search to find something that would soothe her daughter's flaring eczema. The only thing that seem to work was shea butter. She started recommending it to friends, colleagues and clients who had their own challenges and issues with skin sensitivities and Brown Bag Botanicals was born.

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