Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Organic Eating Habits: Are They Attainable For Children?

Many parents have been frustrated while trying to encourage a healthy and organic lifestyle for their children. There is hope however in getting junior to eat broccoli, request cauliflower, and get second helpings of stir fry. Here are a few tips for you parents who are striving to give your kids a healthy future. First off if you have an infant make sure to introduce him/her to the wonderful world of solids without offering them bites of fast food. If they don't taste it they won't miss it. I'm always shocked when I hear a parent say, "I was eating pizza and I gave my son a bite and he LOVED it." They say it as if it's a wonderful miracle that he liked it. What's happening is they are ruining his taste buds. He will become accustomed to the salty, fatty taste and when you try to offer him healthy foods that aren't laden with salt he will refuse. The same goes for sugar.

By the time the child is two these same parents are saying, "My child just doesn't like vegetables and there is nothing I can do about it." This is not true, however your road will be much harder. The second tip is to try and find foods that are similar to the ones they are used too your. Many of their favorite snacks can be found in your nearest health food store or online, only a healthier version. Look for snacks that aren't sugar laden and do not contain MSG or hydrogenated oils.

Thirdly presentation can be everything. Don?t toss the new crackers that actually contain whole wheat at them and say, "I know these aren't the best but just try them." Get excited to try the items with them. Arrange them on a platter with some hormone free cheddar cheese and sit down with them to enjoy an afternoon snack. Which brings me to my fourth tip and that is to lead by example.

Now for my fifth tip do not change every single item in your household at once if you are dealing with older children. If you change every single item at once they are likely to become bitter towards the idea of eating healthy. Remove your worst offenders first, such as items containing MSG, hydrogenated oils, and refined sugars. Use a variety of foods, don?t just continuously try to shove broccoli down there throats over and over. Have fun creating meals and enjoy watching your children grow into healthy young adults.

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