Monday, April 21, 2008

A Revelation: Little Things Do Save the Earth

by Kathie
Blogs at Real Working Mom

A little over a month ago I went on an overnight retreat with a group from my church. While I knew everyone that was going to be attending, this was my first retreat and wasn’t quite sure what to expect. We talked and prayed but what I found most interesting was the talk that Sister Mary gave us. It was a talk about the Earth and what we can do to help save it.

I’ll be honest I have never really given recycling a second thought, it was just easier to throw it away and I thought to myself “Can I really make a difference? I am only one person.” But the more I thought about it and after hearing Sister Mary talk the answer is YES I can make a difference.

We’ve started out very simple. I had my husband make some room in his shop for some bins. We now have 3 bins set up one for our newspapers, one for aluminum cans, and another for plastic bottles/containers. Now I’ve never thrown away my plastic bags that I get from the grocery store. I either brought them back up to the store to be recycled or I give them to the food pantry at church for them to use. Of course in my pantry, I still have a ton of these plastic bags but I decided I would buy some of the canvas bags to take to the grocery store with to use when I am just picking up a few items. That is when I remember to bring them in with me LOL!!

It’s a start and you can start making a difference too by doing the little things. If we all did that just imagine what we can do to help save the earth.

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