Friday, March 28, 2008

Cuddle Sleeve™: A Place for Your Little Cuddle Bug

The Cuddle Sleeve™ is a place for baby to rest, feed, and sleep. It allows mom to enjoy a relaxed arm position while holding baby, and it helps to lessen fatigue. With the Cuddle Sleeve™, your baby is always in a comfy, clean, familiar place. It retails for between $49.95 and $54.95. It comes in 9 fabrics, including two organic fabrics.

To use, mom just slips it over her arm with the pocket facing out. Pick up the baby and cuddle away.

About the Cuddle Sleeve™

Rachel Jablon Margalit is the founder of Cuddle Sleeve.™ When she found her baby constantly in her arms, and the pressure causing numbness and fatigue, she knew she needed to do something. Rachel designed a cushioned sleeve that she wore which created a snuggly, cozy nest for the baby, while providing comfort for her arm.

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