Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tonsillectomy Care Package from Dreyers

If your child or a child of anyone you know (under the age of 18) is having a tonsillectomy in the near future (or who has had one within the past month) is invited to request a special kit full of fun and refreshing surprises from DREYER’S Fruit Bars. This kit is offered at no charge.

The Tonsillectomy Care Package contains goodies to help speed you on your way to a tasty and timely recovery, including

  • a gift certificate for one free box (6 or 12 bars) of DREYER’S Fruit Bars with real fruit and Vitamin C,
  • a crayon set,
  • a coloring/activity book, a
  • fruit bar key chain and
  • a lime rubber bracelet.

To receive the Tonsillectomy Care Package, fill out their form to request one.

Offer only good where Dreyer’s products are sold.

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