Thursday, July 2, 2009

25 Random Things That Make Me Feel Like A Bad Mom

In reponse to Facebook's famous "25 Random Things About Me," Caron Guillo has identified 25 things that make her feel like a bad mom and calls on others to follow suit.

“The rules are simple,” says Caron. “Make a list of 25 random things that make you worry you're a bad mom. They don't have to be reasonable. In fact, it's better if they're not.”

I think all of us could create this list if we tried. Join us with your list.

25 Random Things That Make Me Feel Like A Bad Mom

Some items that made it into Caron’s list include:

  • I work outside the home (and have enjoyed it).
  • I routinely snuck candy from my children's Halloween stash.
  • I have spent long stretches of time reading in the bathroom just so no one would interrupt me. Sometimes it worked.
  • I had a child who, by the age of three, could quote word-for-word the dialog from Free Willy, but didn't know his colors.
  • Sometimes I say "no" simply because I'm too tired to say "yes."
  • I've let my kids eat chocolate cake for breakfast. Multiple times.

Read Caron's entire list at

Here are some of my 25 Random Things That Make Me Feel Like A Bad Mom. Some are very similar to Caron's so you know we are not alone:

  • I work outside the home and some days after a particular bad night before I can't wait to go to work
  • My kids sometimes like my husband better than me
  • My youngest has had animal crackers for breakfast
  • I use M&Ms to bribe my kids for toilet training (and it works)
  • Chicken nuggets are a meat at our house
  • Some days I am not sure I am cut out to be the mom of boys as they run screaming around the house and I'm breaking up fights...

Share your list with us...

About Caron Guillo
Caron Guillo is the author of BAD MOM, a humorous parenting column at New Christian Voices online magazine. Her second novel, CHILDREN OF LIGHT, reached a Top 100 semifinalist ranking (out of 5,000 entries) in the 2008 international Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition.

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Bill and Lorie Shewbridge said...

I love this post, reminds me of when my kids were little.... Don't worry, I was guilty, too, that I worked nights for a while, and plopped my kids in front of the TV (yea, they could quote Disney movies) so that I could sleep. I even ended up leaving their father (aka "the sperm donor") because he was NO help at all, and found a truly wonderful and supportive man whom they really respect and love. They are now 18 and 21 and are really great young men -- one is headed off to college and one is in the Army about to be deployed to Afghanistan to help defend our freedom -- I'd say I did o.k. in the end.