Thursday, April 17, 2008

Product Review: Happy Green Bee Clothing

Happy Green Bee Organic Clothing is an organic clothing line developed by Roxanne Quimby, original co-founder of Burt’s Bee. Their philosophy is to provide “comfortable, playful, colorful, and ecologically responsible.”

The cotton used in their line had not been exposed to pesticides, herbicides, or petroleum-based fertilizers. It also does not use genetically engineered seed.

The colors in the Happy Green Bee Clothing Line is as bright and vibrant in person as it is in photos. The adorable bee logo is on each piece. My toddler loved running around buzzing while wearing them. We received the brown and green top and pants to try. They were extremely soft to the touch and he did not want to take them off once he had tried them on.

The only problem we had was the fit. I have a skinny little guy whose pants are always falling down and he has a little Buddha belly to start with so he’s not an easy one to fit in the best of circumstances. I asked for the Large, which is made to fit 25+ lbs. My guy is 27 lbs. The top fit a little tight and the pants just hung off him. You may need to mix and match sizes to get the right fit for your little one.

Even after washing, these clothes looked great and it did not look like we had any shrinkage, which I was sort of expecting since they are cotton.

Happy Green Bee offers sizes in infant and toddler. They have even begun to offer a doll made out of organic cotton in coordinating clothes so they can match their “mama.”

With our shipment we even got an adorable little book that has real children wearing the Happy Green Bee line with rhymes and little stories. Both my boys loved looking at other children, especially when they saw ones wearing the same outfit as we got.

“By using organic cotton, a comfortable and practical fabric, and simple bee-striped patterns, children feel as comfortable as they look while their parents take a small step in making a big difference in the environment their children will live in, “ explains Roxanne.

[Visit Happy Green Bee now.]