Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help Goodies for Mom Celebrate Earth Day

In honor of Earth Day, which is less than a month away, Goodies for Mom is starting our hunt for eco-friendly family products. Moreover, who better to help us than the families using them? We are compiling a list of your favorite environmental friendly products to share during our Earth Day Celebration starting on April 16, 2008 and running through April 22, 2008. Our goal is to help bring “green” to everyday people.

The event will feature articles on how to live a more eco-conscious lifestyle, easy tips for being more earth friendly that anyone can do, green product highlights and reviews, tips of the day, and we are working on getting some eco-conscious giveaways. It will culminate with the announcement of the “Goodies for Mom Green Product of the Year,” which will be voted on by the readers of Goodies for Mom.

Please leave a comment below with your favorite green product(s). Goodies for Mom will then select the top five (5) products based on popularity, originality, ease of implementing into a busy lifestyle, and family-friendliness. Then, stop back from April 16-21 to vote in our poll. The winner will be announced on Earth Day – April 22, 2008.

Some other ways you can help make the event a success:

  • Spread the word by posting our Earth Day Celebration Banner on your sites and blogs:
  • Post eco-friendly blog posts during the week of the celebration on your blogs. We will have a place for you to add your links so people can visit your sites to read your posts.
  • Submit your favorite product or your company's product (free of charge) for the Goodies for Mom Green Product of the Year Award. You can post it below or e-mail it to lois[at]goodiesformom[.]com. You can also send products to be reviewed during the weeklong event.
  • Send us your eco-friendly tips or helpful links to lois[at]goodiesformom[.]com to be included in the “Green Tip of the Day” to be shared during that week.
  • Donate an eco-friendly prize for our door prizes. In exchange, your product and/or organization will be highlighted during the week-long event.


Carrie at NaturalMomsTalkRadio said...

Some of my favorite eco friendly products are:

1) Burt's Bees skin care
I have used these since my babies were tiny. They're phtalate and paraben free, I can pronounce the ingredients, the bottles come from recycled materials and are recyclable, and they work great and are reasonably priced

2) My reusable shopping bags
I keep these in the car and grab them when I shop. No more plastic bags for me!

3) My cloth diapers
All my kids (4) are potty trained but I loved my cloth diapers so much!

4) Baking soda
Baking soda has SO MANY uses, it's cheap and all natural and won't hurt anyone in your home

5) My clothesline and drying rack
I stopped using the dryer long ago and haven't looked back. I actually enjoy hanging laundry out on the line when the weather's nice, but all winter when it was too cold to deal with wet laundry outside, I hung my clothes on my indoor drying racks from IKEA. They're wonderful! And I saved money and lots of energy.

Great idea here :)

Crunchy Domestic Goddess said...

neat idea!

some of my favorite green products are:
- cloth diapers
- cloth menstrual pads or reusable menstrual cups
- eco-friendly cleaning products like Shaklee or Method
- reusable shopping bags
- my compost bin
- cloth napkins
- Camelbak reusable water bottles

Green & Clean Mom said...

1)I love all of my Shaklee products
2)My reusable bags from because they are so sturdy.
3)Vinegar for the rinse cycle of my dishwasher is the best.
4)Seventh Generation Diapers for my daughter
5)My Camelbak water bottle BPA free
Giving two of these away on my blog this week!
6)Isa Booties

I could keep going but these are my top 6! I love reading what others are saying about their favorites and getting ideas!

Anonymous said...

My eco friendly fav's are:

* cloth diapers/wipes
* Caldrea cleaning products for nursery (although I tend to use it for our bdrm. too!)
* reusable shopping bags
* clothesline
* organic cotton/bamboo- Kate Quinn
* wooden/cloth toys
* Sigg bottles
* Borax, Baking Soda, and Vinegar
* Allen's Naturally Detergent
* Alba products

Leslie-lamamanaturale said...

My last post showed up as anonmyous...whoopsie, sorry!

Anonymous said...

Well, since I own a natural products shoppe, I am a little biased...I like all my products! Here are a few favorites:

*Real Purity Mascara
*Bi-O-Kleen Liquid Laundry Detergent
*Static Eliminator Re-Usable Dryer Sheets
*Real Purity Deodorant
*Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out
*Green Mountain Liquid Soap

Those are a few of the things from my shoppe that I "can't live without."

I also love:

*vinegar for laundry rinse cycle and many other uses!

Hope this helps!

Tees For Change said...

I love the following products:

- G Diapers - we use them exclusively with cloth diapers and they work amazingly well

- Tees For Change tees (sorry for the shameless self-promo). I love the Choose Happiness raglan tee in midnight blue and the live fully tank top.

- my Klean Kanteen water bottle. I take it everywhere I go.

- Seventh Generation baby wipes. They are chemical-free and work great.

Alison said...

Hello! Here are some of my favorite eco friendly products:

Recycled Coffee Sleeves

Plantable Greeting Cards

Amazingly Soft Bamboo Towels

Gray Matters said...

Some of my favorites:

- Recycline toothbrush & razor.
- Any of the Seventh Generation
products: toilet paper, laundry
detergent, wipes, cleaning
products, etc.
- Wrap -n- mat sandwich bags
- My shopping & produce
- Baking Soda
- Stainless steel water bottles

Anonymous said...

Some of my absolute favorites are from this site:
They have tons of healthy baby and home items including:

1.) The Baby's Breath HEPA air purifier for nurseries:

2.) Safe Bisphenol-A FREE baby bottles:

3.) Organic/non-toxic crib mattresses:

4.) Baby Bath Ball Tub Filter:

Nic said...

There are some very cool ideas over at where they promote sustainable design though giveaways:

1. The Bulb is a great resource for CFL bulbs.

2. Wild Dill has fabulous organic childrens wear as well as gorgeous wooden toys.

3. Nature Girl is a fantastic skin care line which is all organic and made of wildcrafted ingredients.

MamaBird said...

*Kleen Kanteen bottles
*wrap-n-mat reusable sandwich wrap
*eco-bags cloth produce bags
*vinegar and baking soda
*rags (instead of paper towels)
*diva cup, period panties, gladrags
*stainless steel tiffins in lieu of tupperware
*bringing tupperware to the grocery store to avoid plastic bags for deli items
*california baby products (esp in gallon sizes) bz they are paraben and fragrance free
*PeaceKeeper lipstick and nail polish (safe for my little girl to try!)

Anonymous said...

my favorite green products are:

speesees organic baby clothing

stainless steel water bottles

cloth diapers!

wooden toys

Anonymous said...

I have to share my favorite web!
I love the baby items, baby bottles and sippy for my little guys and easy for me. There are so many great ideas here. I own two of the air purifiers one is in our baby's room and one in our living room. They are the best! Thank you Greennest!!

Kathy said...

I love "Octavia organic Teas" sold at along with my reusable mesh tea ball. The empty tea canisters make a great pencil holder for my daughter and we even plan to decorate one and use it as a flower vase.

Cloth Diapers-I especially love the new Happy Heiny one size pocket diapers at

Our new Recycling Program at the Elementary school-it is amazing how much less trash we have now that we are recycling paper and carboard products through the elementary school. If you are doing it, try it!!! It is so simple.

Tara said...

My favorites:

1. Method cleaners from Target (their wood floor cleaner is yummy-smelling, too).
2. 7th Generation diapers
3. Arbonne products (baby especially)
4. Tazo Organic Chai Tea (it gets me going in the morning)
5. Wooden baby toys
6. Born free bottles and sippy cups
7. Nalgene safe plastic

Anonymous said...

* mesh fabric toy organization bags (

* reusable shopping bags for groceries

* Bi-O-Kleen Bac-Out

* G Diapers

cnsathya said...

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