Monday, December 29, 2008

Product Review: Car Carry All from Miss Gina Designs

Miss Gina Designs has the solution for your messy car blues. Their Car Carry-Alls are a great place to store those items in the car that find their way to the floor, behind the seat, or lost in that place car stuff goes that you find a year for now.

We received one to test, and we used it as a great small trash bag for our car that not only looks nice but can be handwashed when it needs it. I have way too many receipts, straw papers, and tissues floating around my car so this was a stylish looking alternative to those little white bags or my way just stuffing them in the console. It will not work for large trash needs but it's great for those little trash items.

The bull dog clip attaches to a ring, so it's always open, and it conveniently hooks to most car heater vents. It is a great way to keep things tidy!

Also check out their cute aprons, baby gift sets, purses, and handpainted items.

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Anonymous said...

you should get those pocky things from