Monday, December 29, 2008

It is All Black and White

Many believe that the colors black and white are good for stimulating a newborn’s vision. So, when Suzie Gorski cuddled her first born, she thought what about designing a shirt that had some sort of fun black and white design on it. It would give him something to look at and stimulate him at the same time. It wasn’t until after the birth of her second son that she thought about it again and Zeebabee Designs was born.

Zeebabee Designs has created a comfortable fitting t-shirt with a black and white design that helps give your newborn baby or infant something stimulating to look at while in mommy's arms. Plus they are stylish and fun to wear! They also have designed burp cloths and totes.

Watch for Zeebabee Designs Burp See burp cloths and the Baby See T-shirt, will be in the January 2009 issue of Pregnancy & Newborn.

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