Friday, June 4, 2010

Drop Dead Diva: Season One DVD; Season Two Starts Sunday

One of my favorite series is Lifetime TV's Drop Dead Diva. I'm pretty sure I saw all the season one episodes and enjoyed every one. Maybe it's because I can so relate to the main character, plus-size Jane; maybe it is because it is just the right combination of humor and drama. I am not sure. Let's you escape from your own problems for an hour each week.

The top-rated series came to DVD June 1st when Sony Pictures Home Entertainment debuted Drop Dead Diva: Season One. Also watch for the premiere of the second season on Sunday, June 6 at 9PM EST.

For those of you who are not familiar with the series, the beautiful, model wannabe Deb has a fatal car accident. She finds herself in front of gatekeeper at Heaven, who declares her a self-centered “zero.” Outraged, she tries to persuade him to return her to her shallow existence, but in the process she is accidentally relegated to the body of the recently deceased Jane Bingum. Jane is a brilliant, thoughtful and plus-sized attorney. Deb has always relied on her external beauty, and now, by a twist of fate, Deb must come to terms with inhabiting Jane’s curvier frame, while learning to reconcile her beauty queen ways with her brilliant, new mind.

In the season two premiere, Jane has a dream where she is in a big musical dance number, working at a food court alongside Judge Paula Abdul, “Dinner Impossible”‘s Robert Irvine and “So You Think You Can Dance”‘s Tyce Diorio. We pick up with Jane exactly where we left off last season as the real Jane's husband arrives at her doorstep, much to the surprise of Jane and her best friend, Stacy.
This past week bloggers were treated to a backstage pass with castmember Ben Feldman ("Fred") hosting. Join in the fun:

Clip 1 - Ben Feldman ("Fred") welcomes viewers to the set of Drop Dead Diva

Clip 2 - Ben Feldman finds Margaret Cho (Teri) sleeping on set!

Clip 3 - Ben and Margaret find snacks at "craft service" on set.

Clip 4 - Ben takes viewers behind-the-scenes in "Video Village" to meet the director and 1st AD


Clip 5 - "AFTER THE SHOW" - Ben chats with Brooke Elliott (Jane) and Kate Levering (Kim) off-stage, talking about Drop Dead Diva on DVD!

Clip 6 - "AFTER THE SHOW" - Ben asks Brooke and Kate what their favorite episodes were from Season One!

Don't forget to watch the season two premiere on Sunday, June 6 at 9PM EST!!!

Disclaimer: We received a copy of the season one DVD free of charge in relation to this post.