Monday, June 22, 2009

Win a $500 Visa Card at ecostore USA

Goodies for Mom is again participating in the Mommy Go Green Blog Tour as we bring you reviews and news of new eco-friendly products and services. This week we are featuring ecostore USA.

ecostore USA, is offering a fabulous opportunity to win $500 Visa Card through their Facebook page to help promote their natural, plant based eco-friendly lemon cream cleanser.

How to Enter

  1. Make a 30 second clip of you using the lemon cream cleanser showing the effectiveness and how it is healthy and eco-friendly.
  2. Download your 30 second clip to any service such as YouTube, Google Video or Viddler.
  3. Become a ecostore USA Facebook Fan and provide the link to your video.
  4. One winner will be chosen by the ecostore USA team based on creativity, uniqueness, and effective use of the product.

The contest ends June 29th, 2009. Visit their site for official rules and details

My favorite product from ecostore USA is their Citrus Spray Cleaner. This leaves counter tops clean, shiny and smelling great. It works great on lots of pesky cleaning chores.

The Pure Oxygen Whitener is also a great alternative to bleach to whiten clothes. This is especially important to me with a husband and two boys who love to get dirty. I had a pair of dirty white socks that my oldest wore on a playdate and the other mom sent home a pair of her son's new socks because she thought they were a lost cause. I socked them overnight in the washing machine with this product, and they came out almost new at the end of the wash cycle.

About the Lemon Cream Cleanser
Ecomommas rave about the versatility of the Lemon Cream Cleanser. Using only plant-based ingredients including Lemon Verbena oil, it can be used everywhere from the bathroom to the stainless on your stovetop.

About ecostore USA
ecostore USA are passionate about improving the planet and bringing people household products that are safer and healthier for you and your family. Originating in 1993 as a New Zealand-based manufacturer, wholesale distributor and retailer of sustainable household and personal care products, ecostore USA offers plant-based cleaning products as well as body and baby care products.

[Visit ecostore USA now.]

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