Thursday, June 25, 2009

Buying Eyeglasses Online... Properly

By Hillary Rubin - guest blogger

Let's do a count. Raise your hand if your kid has ever broken your eyeglasses? Go ahead, no one's watching. Raise your hand ... because you are NOT alone. If the statistics are right, then 60% of the adult population wears eyeglasses. That means that a good portion of this percentage is made up of moms and dads (just like you) who wear eye wear of some sort. Way too many of those people are paying too much money for eyeglasses. At your standard optical store, the average pair of eyeglasses can cost around $450 without the exam. Honestly, who can afford that in this economy?

Relax. Don't let the sticker shock scare you. There are ways around that price! It's always a
wise idea to have a back-up pair of prescription eyeglasses especially when you have little ones running around! So where do you turn? The internet! That's right - the internet is stocked full of companies that can help you in your purchase of inexpensive eyeglasses (even sunglasses). If you do a basic Google search, you'll find a plethora of sites that offer you the best deal around. There are a few things to watch out for:

  1. Check the company's return policy!!
  2. If the prices are really low (I mean REALLY low) - how high-quality can the frame be?
  3. Read the testimonials - if other customers are happy, you will be also!
  4. Call their customer support - any company that is worth their weight in gold will invest
    money in a GREAT customer support team.

The key to internet shopping is to do your research before buying. I've handled many cases
for consumers who have purchased bad lemons when they thought they were getting the
best product on the internet. They didn't do their research first to see how reputable a
company was and how good their products were. While you can find amazing deals on eyeglasses online- it requires a bit more leg work to make sure you get the best deal for your dollar!
So, you've found two or three reputable sites- what now? Surf the net a bit more for
customer testimonial and customer review sites. Those are your best resources for how the
company actually rates. Once you find the company you want to purchase from, surf the
'net again for coupons and discounts. Many online optical stores will post coupons and sales
all around the internet in order to give you the best bang for your buck!

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Happy Shopping! Have questions about online shopping? Email -