Sunday, February 8, 2009

Review: LipStamp for Perfect Lips

To help beat the winter beauty blues, we tried the Lip Stamp from Alcone Company in our series of beauty products for moms. Recently seen on the Today Show, this tool was created for applying lipstick in the perfect shape quickly.

The kit includes the Lipstamp tool, and 10 different lip shapes. Stick the self-adhesive sponge in the lip shape you desire on the applicator tool, cover the sponge with your favorite lipstick (like my new favorite from Peacekeeper), then just press it on your lips to get perfectly shaped lips in minutes. The case of the tool even has a mirror so you have everything you need for great lips, except the color.

If you have small lips, this probably will not work great for you unless you do not mind going way outside your lip original line. I have medium size lips and I used the smaller one. On first try, it went way outside the lip line if I keep them closed like the directions say. The next time time I tried, I kept my lips slightly open by lining up my top lip then opened my mouth slightly to line up the bottom of my lower lip. That was the trick I needed, and I had perfectly shaped lips in minutes.

From “Bow Dacious” to “Pouty” shapes, your lips will look perfect everytime!

The set retails for $24.95.

[Get your Lip Stamp now.]