Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Jersey Mom Blog Party

I was so excited to attend a great girls' night out party this past weekend. The party guests were all moms from NJ that blog as part of the New Jersey Moms Blog. There were even a couple Philly Moms who crashed the party and we were more than happy to welcome them in.

This was the first time most of us were meeting each other. Within minutes the chatter was filling the room with stories of our children, our husbands, home schooling, home-businesses, Martha Stewart, career goals, education, politics and even throw in a little scandal to spice it up. We compared notes on where we started, what has worked for our blogs and what has not, why we do what we do, and where we want to go with it. This incredibly intelligent, accomplished group of women was absolutely amazing. We all came from different areas of the state, backgrounds, religions, and beliefs, yet we had two common bonds: blogging and the love of our children. I just wish we had one of these events once a month and the night ended way too quickly.

Check out this accomplished group of women at: http://svmomblog.typepad.com/new_jersey_moms_blog/2008/03/about-us.html

Now for the business part of the fun. The party was sponsored by:

  • Graco (who was nice enough to pay but who really needs to work on getting bang for their buck in the mommy blog market, because they had a captive audience and I did not so much as walk out of there with a Graco flyer and I have used tons of Graco products with my boys and would love to share with you all some of their new products.),
  • EcoTools - makers of great earth-friendly beauty tools.
  • Suave - Great inexpensive beauty and body care products for the whole family.
  • Stop & Shop - I LOVE Stop & Shop. The one near us is always so clean, the produce and meat is fresh, it is not overcrowded, and they have tons of organic products for reasonable prices.
  • Gold Medal Impressions Gallery - This was by far my favorite sponsor and our host for the evening. Dick Druckman is a retired senior executive who turned his passion for sports photography into a full-time career. He is the sweetest, older gentleman who you could tell absolutely adored what he did. His photos have graced the pages of Sports Illustrated and included Lance Armstrong, the World Series, the Olympics, hockey, football and baseball and tons more that we did not even get to see. They really were beautiful and it was as if you were there. This dear man even sent us all home with a print of our choice. Needless to say hubby was very happy when I got home with mine :). These would make great holiday gifts for any dad who is a sports fan!!!
  • Other sponsors included General Mills, Pillsbury, Palmer's Lotion, and Vicks.
Stop over to New Jersey Moms Blog to see what's up with the Garden State Moms.


Liz@thisfullhouse said...

I was SO happy to finally meet you - darned the wretched weather, anyway - glad you enjoyed yourself. Me, too! Now, that the ice has broken, we can start planning our next get-together. Also, involving food and libations. I hope.

Lindsay Lebresco (Graco) said...

Ugh! I second Liz on the wretched weather- unfortunately this is what caused us (Graco) to not come to the event, mingle, hang out, give you some goodies and hand out prizes (new products) to the group! The WORST!! We were so upset we were not able to make it. I'm glad you all had fun because honestly, that's the point!

So sorry we didn't make it- you have no idea! Thanks for the mention though :)

Kristie said...

Hi it's me- Kristie (philly moms party crasher). I am bummed I didn't get to chat with you more. Maybe you can crash our Philly Moms party in a few months!


Feener said...

It was great meeting you !!! hopefully there will be another event in the near future with better weather.