Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Product Review: WedgEZ™ Outlet Plug Remover

The importance of baby proofing your house is obvious and part of that is putting protective plugs in all your electrical outlets. However, the plugs are not only difficult to babies and toddlers to remove, they are also tough for parents too. The solution: the WedgEZ™ Outlet Plug Remover. The WedgEz helps you easily and safely remove protective electrical outlet plugs without damage to walls or the plugs themselves. It's a simple plastic tool is shaped to easily fit your hand.

We tried one and it really did help us easily remove those tough to get out safety plugs. But guess what that's not all we found them helpful for. We also used them to open soda can pop tops and anything else that you would use your nails for. I'm all about anything trying to save my nails from breaking because as a mom it seems a losing battle. LOL!

I keep mine hung on my vacuum, which is when I most likely need to get those plugs off when you are going from room to room cleaning.

In addition, the price is great. Just $3.99 each or 3 for $9.99.

[Order your WedgEZ today.]