Friday, August 29, 2008

Healthy School Lunches - A Site To Help

School is starting and with it we are packing our little ones lunches daily. But who does not need help packing nutritious, inexpensive, tasty lunches? And ones they will eat? With the onslaught of processed food, pre-packaged, high sugar and high sodium, cute shaped, squeezable foods for kids, with their favorite superhero on it, well… the grocery tab goes up quickly and the taste, and especially nutrition go out the window.

iLunchBox has a solution. The site consists of:

  • recipes and menu ideas with a focus on lunch and portability.
  • tips and tricks to make lunch easier.
  • best “off the shelf” items when making something from scratch is just not an option.
  • featured gadgets and products that help us get the job done.
  • best products to transport lunch.
  • help and inspiration on improving your school’s hot lunch program.
  • articles and information on nutrition and children.
  • links and resources for more information.
“I can’t tell you how many times a friend has complained to me that their child won’t eat anything healthy, or their child won’t eat anything but PB & J. So, I started giving out suggestions and recipes, things I found useful”, says Beth Ann Bentley, founder of iLunchBox, “most of the things I suggested just made sense; sometimes someone would pass on a great idea to me too. It is amazing how much moms will spread the word of a good idea.”

Additionally, iLunchbox provides its readers resources and links to valuable information and addresses the concerns and questions of its community. It is lunch made easy.

[Check out iLunchbox now.]