Sunday, August 31, 2008

Candy That Is Good For You?

Maybe it is not candy that is "good" for you but we've found a healthy alternative to artificial, processed, high-sugar candy. Pure Fun™ is offering a wonderful new Organic candy line. That not only is a healthier candy but it tastes yummy. These non-synthetic, natural candies are a real treat.

We taste tested for ourselves the organic lollipops, root beer barrels, and fruit pinwheels. Let's just say I had to fight off my two and half year old for the lollipops, and hubby and my oldest for the root beer barrels (my personal favorite, super yummy). Pure Fun™ was so generous I even sent some to work with hubby and believe me when I tell you these guys are candy connoisseurs and they wolfed them down in one night and asked for more. They even have organic cotton candy, which I so do not need but I'm sure we will be getting in the near future. ;-) Pure Fun™ even has candy canes for the holidays, and many of their products are certified Kosher. Pure Fun is available in almost 2,000 stores across the U.S.

Here is what their candies do not contain:

  • NO Gluten,
  • NO GMO'S,
  • NO FD&C Colors,
  • NO Casein,
  • NO Dairy,
  • NO artificial flavors,
  • NO dyes,
  • NO Synthetics,
  • NO Pesticides,
  • NO preservatives...nothing but Pure Fun™
Pure Fun™ candies are manufactured from the finest ingredients--certified Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Organic Brown Rice Syrup, and Organic Citric Acid. Natural Colors are derived from great stuff like Red Beet Concentrate, Alfalfa Extract, Red Cabbage, Annatto, and other yummy fruits and vegetables. Their ingredients are sourced all over the world and purchased from Fair Trade Suppliers.

[Learn more about Pure Fun™ candies.]


carrol said...

I found lots of Pure Fun candies at

candy_taster said...

I tried the Pure Fun candies and they're awesome. My kids loved the lollipops and didn't get hyper after they gobbled them up.

Goodies for Mom said...

Ooooh and they are on sale too at This could be dangerous!!!! I think I'm addicted to the root beer barrels.