Friday, August 22, 2008

Bibzees: Bibs with Style

Instead of covering up your baby's style, Bibzees Bibs show it off. These bibs contain the design instead of cover the design. They even have matching tees available and come in pairs so if one gets wet, you can just swap them and be ready to go looking hip and stylish in minutes.

Designer Beth Powell created these bibs after the birth of her second son. She quicly grew tired of the cutesy, cookie cutter bibs she found in stores and wanted to express her son's personality. From rocker chick to diva to surfer dude there is a set for your little unique person. These are perfect because as Bibzees states, "Even cool babies spit up!"

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Anonymous said...

So adorable - much cuter then the bibs I have!

jenny said...

how cute

BlapherMJ said...

These are adorable!