Friday, July 25, 2008

Is That Shampoo Really Worth That Much?

Shivani Vora of set out on a mission to find out if more expensive baby skincare products are really worth the extra expense. Prices range from a few dollars to up to $20 but what is the difference. What do these more expensive brands have that the cheaper ones do not. Actually it is the exact opposite, what don't these more expensive ones have that the cheaper ones do, including parabens, fragrances, and other chemicals?

"If you can avoid something that is potentially harmful such as a product with chemicals like paraben or synthetic fragrances, then why wouldn't you," says Jennifer Levine, a New York City-based dermatologist.

Many of the natural and organic lines on the market are created by mothers who wanted high-quality products for their own children. Four such products include Love Me Baby Me, Noodle & Boo, California Baby, and Nature's Baby Organics.

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Sage and Savvy said...

Thanks so much for sharing this post. I've never heard of some of the Companies before--I'll have to check them out!