Friday, June 6, 2008

GoPillow! by Simply Necessary

The GoPillow! by Simply Necessary was designed to help mom, caregiver and baby comfortable while feeding. However, the uses do not stop there! It's a nursing cover up, a body wrap for babies, portable toddler pillow and blanket, diaper changing pad, sun and wind shield for babies and toddlers, arm cushion for carrying babies and toddlers, and travel pillow for all ages.

The GoPillow! was created out of necessity, while inventor and momprenuer Tangela Walker-Craft was breastfeeding her daughter. She thought this is just was not comfortable for her or her daughter, so she worked to design a pillow that could help.

The patented GoPillow! is a portable pillow that consists of an inner core of soft foam and a fabric covering. The GoPillow! uses stretchable elastic bands to secure it onto the user's arm. A retractable built-in blanket tucks neatly inside of an almost invisible compartment inside of the GoPillow! The unique hidden blanket feature allows for mother and baby privacy during public breast feedings. The GoPillow! is washable and is available in various fabric colors. To view it in use, click here.

About Simply Necessary
Simply Necessary, Incorporated is owned by mothers who dedicate themselves to meeting the needs of mothers, caregivers, and children of all ages. They definitely believe in the concept that necessity is the mother of invention and set out to provide their customers with products they wanted when caring for their children.

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