Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Jersey Moms Have a New Online Destination - The New Jersey Moms Blog

SV Moms Blog Network is thrilled to announce the launch of the New Jersey Moms Blog and I am excited to say that I am going to be blogging as part of that site about my trials and triumphs of being a mom in NJ.

The NJ Moms Blog is a collaborative group of mothers living or working in New Jersey. Salty on the outside, but soft in the center, these East Coast moms are not only hip, they say what they mean and mean what they say as they write about their lives in The Garden State, where they spend way too much time driving in traffic, being stuck in carpool lines, and dodging tourists on the Parkway or Turnpike. But they know that nothing beats strolling the boardwalks on the Jersey shore, hiking along the Delaware River, or rooting for the New Jersey Devils. These quintessential Jersey Girls will show you far more than the concrete, iron and rubber that you'll see in the opening credits of Sopranos.

The New Jersey Moms Blog is the fifth blog started by the founders of the popular (and sometimes controversial) Silicon Valley Moms Blog., launched in March, 2006, the Chicago Moms Blog http://www.chicagomomsblog/ launched in April 2007, the DC Metro Moms Blog launched in September 2007 and the New York City Moms Blog launched in December 2007. Collectively, more than one hundred and fifty mommy bloggers contribute to the five sites of Silicon Valley Moms Group LLC.

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Beth B. said...

We are thrilled to have you and can't wait to read your posts!!!!

sweepstakes said...

This is a nice blog. I like it!