Monday, April 28, 2008

Virtual Baby Shower for Margie Gunn

Happy Panda is hosting a virtual baby shower for Margie Gunn, owner of Chesapeake Ribbons. The Cushie Pushie Company is joining in the party by giving away a Cushie Pushie Breast Support Pillow. Stop over to Margie's blog for a chance to win that and lots of other prizes for your little ones.

All party guests who leave a comment (with a way to contact them) below in our Goodies for Mom blog will get a Virtual Goody Bag containing coupon codes, innovative mom-owned companies, and helpful articles electronically at the end of the shower.

Party Game Answers

  1. I think there are 140 jelly beans in the bottle
  2. No baby bump photos for me. LOL!
  3. Wow it looks like a lot of diapers in that cake. I'm guessing 127.
  4. My first son I was induced using an agent to soften my cervax. They said it would be the next afternoon at the earliest. My water broke and I was in a lot of pain but they kept saying no not till tomorrow because I was only like "6 cm dilated". So I opted for drugs because I was in a lot of pain. 15 minutes later, oops the nurse wrong you are actually 10 cm dilated and by this point the drugs were kicking in and I could hardly keep my eyes open. DS had other ideas and he arrived at 4:04 am. Next time I knew better than to trust them and went drug free with ds#2 and it was so much better.

Here are some of the great prizes being offered that I'd love to win:

  1. Hanes
  2. Happy Panda
  3. Kaboodle Kids
  4. Chesapeake Ribbons
  5. Polka Dot BumbleBee

[Visit the party now.]


mom2addy said...

Happy Baby Shower! - Amy Wells(

Margie G. said...

Thanks so much for participating and giving out these goody bags ;-)

Kirsten said...

happy shower!
Kirsten H.

Anonymous said...

Happy Virtual Baby Shower! Thanks for having all of us! Best of luck :)
Brooke N.

Tiny Footprints said...

Happy virtual baby shower! What a cool idea. Melissa

Money4Mommies said...

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Danielle said...

This is so much fun! Lots of goodies to be won!


Rockin' Mama said...

Yeah for baby showers...and more importantly babies!

Happy Panda said...

I bet that nurse was pretty surprised! LOL