Monday, April 21, 2008

Teaching Children to Save the Environment

by Cheryl M. Wenzel-Nelson, M.A.

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Here are some of the things we do for our 3-year-old twins to help save the environment for theirs and future generations:

  1. Teach them the difference between our garbage can and recycle can so that they know where to put all garbage.

  2. Give them organic food whenever possible, even though it is expensive and we have a limited budget. I just can't stand to think about all the chemicals going into their bodies from mainstream foods, not to mention the issue with beef.

  3. I'm teaching them to turn off the lights when they leave a room.

  4. I use organic detergent and paper products whenever possible.

  5. We're teaching them to respect plants, flowers, and trees and not to pick too many flowers so we don't damage the bush (3-year-olds have to pick some flowers!)

  6. Ride our bike to the park whenever possible instead of driving.

Some of the things I'm working on is teaching them to be thoughtful and considerate of the environment. My husband and I plan to take them hiking when they're a little older to teach them how to love and respect nature for it's soul-infusing properties and because it is a part of our wonderful universe. We also try to teach them respect for others as I believe that if they learn to respect other people this will translate into respecting themselves, animals, and the environment around them.

When they get older we plan on teaching them about the environment and what pollutes the environment and what doesn't, grow their own fruits and vegetables, etc.. We plan to use green technology wherever we can when we buy our next house. There are so many things you can do to help keep the environment healthy. It will be an ongoing process as they get older.