Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Product Review: YoMommy Yogurt from Stonyfield

I took my handy dandy coupon that Stonyfield Farm was nice enough to send me to the local grocery store last night to purchase YoMommy and YoBaby Simply Plain Yogurts. Unfortunately, my local store did not have the Simply Plain in stock but they did have the YoMommy. I snapped the four-pack up and put it into my loaded shopping cart complete with my little guy in it and older one clinging on to the side. (This should count toward my weekly exercise requirement because it must weigh what seems like 100lbs. You know what I mean don’t you?)

Let me start by saying I am very fussy about yogurt. I either love it or hate it so I was prepared for the worst. As I took the first bite, I so did not want to disappoint the nice folks at Stonyfield by not being able to highlight their product for fear I would not like it. Luckily, I did not have to worry. It was totally yummy and I loved it!!!!!

The raspberry flavor had a nice amount of organic fruit in the bottom without being too fruity and was very sweet. In addition, it only has 100 calories.

The only problem I found with it: I had to fight my two year old, who loves all the YoBaby yogurts for it. One spoonful for mommy, one for baby! It needs to be twice the size. LOL!

The YoMommy Yogurt has added folic acid, which is associated with lower incidences of neural tube defects; added DHA, a natural fatty acid that’s vital for baby’s mental and visual development and can help fight post-partum depression; and added vitamin D to help strengthen baby’s bones and keep mom’s bones strong too. It is also a good source of calcium and protein. Plus, it is all natural and certified organic.

It comes in four packs of either strawberry and peach; or blueberry and raspberry.

If yummy is not enough of a reason to buy Stonyfield Farm products, they also have a donation program with the Environmental Working Group (EWG). EWG's mission is to keep harmful chemicals out of our food. If you go to http://www.yobabyyogurt.com/donation and click on the baby, Stonyfield will donate $1 to EWG and you’ll get a free downloadable guide to pesticides in produce. The guide is wallet-size and lists the 12 fruits and veggies with the most and least amount of pesticides, so you’ll know which ones to buy organic and what is okay when organic isn’t available. (Let's click that baby ladies!!!!)

About Stonyfield Farm
At Stonyfield Farm, they believe in using a simple recipe with only all natural and organic ingredients—never any preservatives or artificial flavors, colors, and sweeteners like other brands. Their all organic ingredients are produced without the use of antibiotics, artificial growth hormones, chemical fertilizers, or toxic and persistent pesticides.


Dena said...

I found a deal on SlickDeals - they're giving free coupons for YoMommy at http://www.yobabyyogurt.com/yomommy/freetrial/

I'll give it a try!