Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Product Review: Green Toys Cookware & Dining Set

Ok, how says boys do not like to cook??? My two boys absolutely LOVED the Cookware & Dining Set from Green Toys.

They have played with them almost every moment since the box arrived at our house. They couldn't even wait until I got them out of the box. They were tearing into them and yanking them out. Did I mention that they do not use all those horrid ties and strapping??? Yeah!!

My little guy puts everything in his mouth and these were no exception. It made me feel so much better that they are manufactured, assembled and tested in the USA. The toys made from recycled plastic comply with all safety standards prohibiting phthaltes and BPA.

The toys were very sturdy and cleaned easily. They look like they will last. The cookware and dining set retails for $39.99. Green Toys are sold at over 300 stores across the US and at several large online retailers, including

About Green Toys
Green Toys™ Inc. was created to provide consumers with environmentally friendly alternatives to traditional plastic toys. Green Toys' toys promote recycling, reduce landfill waste, greenhouse gas emissions, save energy, and increase the overall health of the planet.

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