Sunday, April 6, 2008

Product Review: First Juice Organic Juice

First Juice® was nice enough to send us some of their organic juice for my boys to try.

First Juice® organic fruit and vegetable juice was developed for little ones just beginning to develop their taste buds. It is naturally lower in sugar (up to 50% less) compared to 100% apple juices. It has no added sugar, no artifical sweeteners, no preservatives, and no high frutose corn syrup. This USDA certified organic juice comes in two different varieties: Carrot & Apple and Carrot & Bananna flavors. It comes in two sizes 32 oz bottles (retailing between $3.49-$4.49) and 8 oz sippy-top containters (retailing betwwen $1.99-$2.49).

My two year old loved both flavors and slurped it down quickly. He grabbed the bottle out of the frig the next day at snack time. He also really loved being able to drink right from the bottle with the no spill top. You can even reuse the bottles if you clean them throughly. Too be totally honest, my four year old was not crazy about it. He has never been big on carrot juice and both these have it in them. First Juice® is recommended for up to 30 mos. because the littler ones have not yet been as exposed to the sweeter alternatives so they won't miss it. I think this is very true with mine.

You can purchased First Juice® organic fruit and vegetable juice at Whole Foods Stores and Babies R Us.


KRISTI said...

We stumbled across this a few months ago and my daughter LOVES it. We don't do a lot of juice and this one I don't mind giving to her.