Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Product Review: Cariboo Earth Puretec Blanket

The Cariboo together with Puretec™ New Zealand have created the first 100% wool nursery blanket, the Cariboo Earth Puretec Blanket. The photos do not do this blanket justice. It is beautifully woven wool in a waffle pattern.

The blanket is incredibly soft to the touch and feels lightweight although is very warm. Not that scratchy wool blanket we had as kids that is for sure. You just want to rub it up against your cheek.

They are available in five colors: Natural, Chocolate, Pink, Blue, and Sage. The Natural is equisite and just reminds you of a delicate, sophisticated nursery, maybe like the one of Jennifer Lopez's twins featured in People. This is definitely a treat for your little prince or princess.

The generous size would be great for toddlers too.

Warm, comfortable blankets are:

  • 100% Natural

  • Completely hypo-allergenic

  • Anti-prickle & Anti-itch

  • Eco-dye colored

  • Quick drying

  • Formaldehyde free

  • Naturally fire-retardant

  • Environmentally sustainable

The price tag is reflective of its quality at $99.99. It's definitely a treat if you can fit it in the budget (or talk someone else into buying it as a gift ;) ).

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Andrew said...

My wife and I bought the Cariboo bassinet and went through all kinds of hoops to make sure it was a "new" one with the zero-emission MDF board in it and the wool mattress. And boy do we feel ripped off.

For starters, this thing is VERY lightweight. Bump into in the night and you could knock bassinet and baby right over.

Next, the mattress doesn't really fit that well into the "bag" that holds it. It's a bit too big. Add a mattress cover of any kind and it is definitely too tight.

Third, standard bassinet sheets and mattress pads do not fit it. We presumed that since they were selling this in the US market, that it was manufactured to use sheets, etc., sold in the US market. We were wrong. The sheets are too small.

We are currently considering shipping the entire thing back, but have yet to figure out an alternative.