Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Things Any Family Can Do To Live Greener, Even Yours

Let me start by saying that there many families that live a totally organic, eco-friendly lifestyle. Unfortunately, mine is not one of them. "Simple Living" just does not fit our buys, hectic lifestyle. Convenience and time saving are critical. However, there are simple things any family, and I mean any family can do to live a greener, more earth-friendly lifestyle. Believe me if my family can do little things to help the environment, yours can too.

Here are some tips, you and your family can do with little to no extra effort:

  1. Buy Organic Foods. Many grocery stores are providing organic options, especially when it comes to dairy, produce, and meat.
  2. Recycle and Reuse. Recycle bottles, plastics, cardboard and paper. Reuse items whenever possible, like using grocery bags for trash.
  3. Receive and Pay Bills Online. Just think of all those paper inserts in those bill envelopes. Save paper checks for those that receive electronic checks or debits. Make sure to recycle the paper for those that you did get in the mail.
  4. Use Organic Cleaning Supplies . Protect your family from harsh chemicals while protecting the water supply.
  5. Use Towels/Rags. Instead of paper towels, use towels and rags for cleaning up messes. This was very hard for us but we are working on it.
  6. Get a Water Filter. Although they are coming out with more eco-friendly water bottles, it's still best to use a reusable cup and fill it directly from the tap.
  7. Use Organic or Chemical Free Personal Care Items. Not only are they better for the environment, they are safer for your family.
  8. Turn Off the Lights and Unplug Unused Electronics. You'd be surprised how much you can save by turning off unused lights and unplugging items/turning off electronic items when not in use like DVD players or PC or printers, or cellphone chargers.
  9. Turn Off the Water While Brushing Your Teeth. Think of how much water goes down the drain while you brush your teeth for two minutes and you don't need it.
  10. File Your Taxes Online. This is late for this year but think about it for your 2011 taxes. With all the forms and schedules involved in do your taxes these days (mine would have been 24 pages), filing online is seriously saving some trees, especially if everyone is doing.
Will any of these changes the world overnight? Okay, probably not. However, if each person does their part no matter how small it can have a large impact. By doing these small, easy things you are making the world a little greener and your family a little healthier.


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