Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Line of Green, Non-Toxic Diaper Bags and Patent Pending Changing Pad Launches

Journey Light is now offering parents gear and lifestyle bags are made using natural fiber textiles along with NanoSphere®. NanoSphere guarantees the highest possible elimination of substances that are harmful to both humans and to the environment. NanoSphere textiles are liquid resistant, naturally self-cleaning, and retains function with heavy-duty use.

There three new products include:

  • The One Small Change - Patent-pending portable changing pad. It's machine washable and offers easy access to everything you need to change baby. (SRP, $85.00)
  • Delivering a Message - Functional diaper bag for both moms and dads. Wide built-in adjustable strap for comfortable, over the shoulder carrying. (SRP, $184.00)
  • Peace of Mind -- A large diaper bag for mom that is not only convenient but stylish too.(SRP, $180.00)

Visit Journey Light to find out more about their products.

About Journey Light
Journey Light was launched by Pamela LeBlanc who is a mom to two boys. It was her boys that motivated her to create her revolutionary new toxic free diaper changing pad, then led to creating a line of diaper bags. There are many more design ideas in the works.