Thursday, March 13, 2008

Case to Be Dropped Against Mom Accused of Leaving Child in Car

Charges will be dropped against a woman who briefly left her 2-year-old daughter alone in the car to take her two older daughters to pour coins into a Salvation Army kettle, prosecutors said Thursday.

Editor's Notes: Thank goodness is all I can say!!! The poor family is being torn throw the ringer over a judgement call. Does this mean we can't get out of the car to go around to the other side of the car and take them out of the car even because someone might knock me over the head and steal my car with the baby in it or the child could jump out before I get to them, and the same thing could happen that they describe as reasoning for arresting a mother infront of her children. Heck putting the child in the car and driving on the highway is probably more dangerous if you really want to start an arguement! There is risk everywhere around us. Unfortunately there are parents out there making poor decisions for their children's welfare but don't attack all because of some. She was trying to do a good thing by teaching her children about giving to the Salvation Army and this is the reward bestowed upon her.

Yes, accidents happen but the mother obviously made a judgement call as the child's parent as to what was the safest and best for HER child at the time. She is the parent, isn't she? We are not talking "unattended" out of view. Could she do things differently, would she do it differently now, or would someone else do something differently? Maybe, but being handcuffed and arrested. Who was watching her children then? What happened to a stern warning and explaination about why it is a bad idea? And throwing in obstruction of justice because she asked not to make any comments until her spouse arrived because she was probably scared to death and probably afraid to say anything out of fear of what they would do.

Must have been a slow crime day. How about going and snagging some of the shoplifters in the store? Or people driving through the crosswalks without stopping for pedestrians?

It is so sad that because there are a few bad people in the world that the rest of the world has to live in fear not only of those bad people, but because of them. Their behavior produces long-reaching reprocussions on normal lives of good people.

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Source: Associated Press

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sara l. said...

I completely agree with you! So glad to hear that the charges will be dropped!