Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Help Keep Your Schools Safe

Margo Dewey is not only a professional writer, and safety advocate. She is a mom which makes her even more dedicated to protecting our nation's children because she knows just how valuable these little ones are to their families. Her company, In-Focus Television Productions Inc., produces educational DVDs for the school and business industries. In addition, she has been working for the past three years on a DVD safety library for schools, entitled "Soft Targets" Secure Our Schools.

"It's a passion of mine to make sure all schools maintain a high level of security to protect our children and teachers," states Dewey.

The Vol. 1 DVD shows more than 100 ways to protect your school. It identifies specific ways schools can protect themselves against several potential threats including:

  • students carrying guns and other weapons

  • hazardous explosions

  • terrorist threats

  • kidnapping

  • and how to prepare for the unexpected.
Safety experts share specific information on how schools can defend themselve in various situations. In addition, compare your school to other schools as they reveal how they protect their students and staff.

The DVD is available online for the special price of $29.99 through March 2008 on their website, http://www.secureourschools.com/.

Dewey is hoping that millions of mothers all over the U.S. will understand the immediate need for increased security in K-12 schools. Her goal is to sell 1 MILLION copies of the "Soft Targets" Secure Our Schools DVD. By doing this it would allow In-Focus to provide the completee 10 DVD Secure Our Schools library to all 90,000 schools in the U.S. FREE OF CHARGE. It would also allow In-Focus Television Productions Inc. to work with the schools one-on-one to provide the needed technology and security workshop seminars.

"I found the video to be a valuable training tool. This is a must have video for anyone serious about school safety and security," Larry D. Johnson-Director of Public Safety, Grand Rapids Public Schools.