Thursday, February 28, 2008

Green is the New Pink in Baby Showers

Green is the new pink when it comes to baby showers. The hot trend in baby showers is showering mom and baby with environmentally friendly, healthy, organic, and non-toxic products.

"Today, there are many organic baby products and other environmentally friendly baby products on the market. We are really noticing a rise in sales of organic baby products like organic cotton baby clothes and natural baby bathing essentials," says Eva Centeno, owner of Mobile Moms.

To make gift giving easier for the guests, shower planners should ask the mom-to-be to make a list of products she would like to receive.

About Mobile Moms
Mobile Moms is a New York based company devoted to designing and sourcing groundbreaking products for the parents of today. Mobile Moms has searched the market for the best baby essentials that every mom needs and will continue to add products that meet their high quality and functionality standards.

Source: PR Web