Thursday, February 7, 2008

D'Organiques Original Sprout Offers Chemical Free Baby Products

As more and more baby products are being called into question, there is one company that is already offering a solution. Inga Tritt developed a line of natural and organic baby products free of chemicals, such as phthalates after the birth of her daughter, Maya. "I want bath time just to be worry-free," Inga states.

Inga's newborn daughter was born with a full head of hair that like many newborn hair had a mind of its one and stuck straight. As Inga searched for natural styling products for babies, none appeared to exist. She wanted a baby shampoo that was moisturizing and would not leave Maya's hair dry and tangling like many of the natural & organic products she had tried. Being both a mother and a professional stylist, she decided to create the first product of of many, the Ultra Clean & Light Baby Hair Gel. Today there are over 13 products.

The D'Organiques Original Sproutproducts are packaged in clear bottles so it easy for parents to see what is not in her products. They offer styling products, sensitive formulas, travel sizes and gifts sets.