Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Product Review: Clorox Cleaning Products

I've long been a fan of Clorox wipes and have since found many other Clorox products to enjoy.

My favorite of which is the Clorox disposable toilet cleaner. I know it's not very "green" but with three "boys" (one is hubby) in the house, the toilet bowl is a nasty, nasty place and I want nothing more than to dispose of anything that comes in contact with it. These are perfect because I clean and toss.

The Clorox hard surface cleaner is great for cleaning toys/high chairs, especially during this time of year when germs seem to abound, just ask my two sick boys. :( It's mild smell makes it a pleasure to use and it makes things shine.

The one product I own that I'm not crazy about is the kitchen cleaner. The scent is just too strong and I worry it's a little too strong with the kids around so I think this may be replaced by something a little more environmentally friendly and kid friendly in the near future.

I've also started using the shower cleaning pads and they work great but to be honest I don't need these to be disposable. I'd much rather have this cleaner available to use with a resuable brush or sponge. But it does work great!

As always, I am going to work at replacing some of my household cleaners with more eco-friendly alternatives so watch for reviews in the future on more "green" products.

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