Monday, December 31, 2007

Jason's Natural Rich Therapy Creme

This is a great product for baby and mommy. It's 70% organic and non-greasy.
We are waging war on eczema and my weapon of choice is Jason Earth's Best Baby Care Calendula Extra Rich Therapy Creme. This is the first thing that is actually making a difference in my son's skin. It smooth and baby like for the first time since he was five months old. A big plus is that the creme also is non-staining!!!! Mommy can now have stainfree clothes. I was ruining all my others with everything else and not even making a difference in his skin. Another thing that I think is helping a lot is bathing him pretty much every night to help wash off any allergens.We did have a fall back last week when we went to Sesame Place. Not sure if it was a reaction to something he came in contact with or the chlorine in the pool. My older son's skin actually was really dried out too and he had a reaction to watermelon when he got it on his face which he never does so I think it may have been the chlorine. My cousin gave me the tip to wash them with fresh, cool running water after the pool so we'll try that next time.But even with the flare up, he has bounced back quickly in less than a week with the creme and a little bit of 1% hydrocortizone, which in the past would have taken weeks to get under control and stronger medicine. Yeah, we are beating the eczema beast. The war isn't won but for the first time in a year I feel like we can have the upper hand on this.