Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ouchies Help the Ouchies While Being Cool

With skateboards, roller blades, and sports, there are a multitude of other ways your tweens and teens can injury themselves. They are too old for the cutsie Dora, Spiderman, and Scooby Do bandaids, but do they really want the boring beige? Ouchies has the solution for covering those scrapes and cuts while still looking cool.

From pink camoflage to flames to sculls, Ouchies have a style your tween and teens will love. And if that doesn't meet their style needs, they have floresants ones and permanent markers that lets them create their own custom design. These bandaids are tough for busy kids.

Even my little guys loved these and wanted to decorate their own to get their mind off whatever the injury of the day happen to be. They also were very excited to see their favorite Disney TV Stars Zack and Cody wearing a similar bandaid on the show. Plus they stayed on really well on my very active boys.

[Check out Ouchies now.]


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