Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Earth Day: Bübi Baby Butter Organic Diaper Cream

Wow, can you believe it is April already? With Earth Day quickly approaching on April 22, we at Goodies for Mom want to help you prepare with some great earth friendly products that we will be featuring in the coming weeks. Last week we gave away some great products from Seventh Generation.

Today, we would like to tell you about a product that is sure to be good to your baby's sensitive bottom, bübi baby butter Organic Diaper Cream.

Each ingredient in bübi baby butter is a naturally occurring product from the earth and is highly effective at healing, soothing, and preventing diaper rash. The luxurious silky smooth shea butter based cream contains no zinc-oxide. bübi baby butter contains no parabens, petroleum jelly or petroleum by-products, fragrance or lanolin.

It's very gentle, and fragrance free. Just warm it up in your hand a little before applying for easier application.

bübi baby butter Organic Diaper Cream is available at The Bundle Baby Shop.