Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule: Journal Your Pregancy

If you are pregnant and want to remember each little step of the way, Digi Time Capsule® has the perfect solution for you: the Pregnancy Digi Time Capsule.

This elegant and practical gift includes software loaded on the time capsule USB drive, a keepsake tin, a key ring & charm and it also comes packaged in a beautiful keepsake box - lined in soft white velvet with a resin see through front.

There is no software to download. It is loaded right on the USB drive. It gives you freedom and time to capture the things you want to remember wherever you are. Upload photos, U/S images, and videos.

Create a video of your uploads that tells the whole story of your pregnancy. By answering lots of great questions, you'll capture your pregnancy and all the special moments and memories.

About Digi Time Capsule
Sherri Morris, creator of the Digi Time Capsule®, has three small children. Having the most beautiful drawings, hand prints, toilet paper decorated bathrooms, first words, first steps, flushed cell phones, first haircuts, baby bracelets, school plays and a ton more all stored in boxes, photo albums, shoved in drawers and so forth, Morris wanted to find an easy way to review these beautiful memories. So she came up with forms and personalized CD/DVDs to store moments and memories of her family. As she shared her CD/DVD's with friends and family, they began asking where they could purchase one for themselves. This evolved into software that captures times in each of our lives in an easy and compact way to organize the journeys that we each take in our lives. In addition to pictures and videos, capture the words and feelings that make up the journeys as well.

Buy this great keepsake for yourself or the Mommy-to-Be in your life. They also have a baby keepsake version for documenting those first years with more to come in the future.

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