Monday, March 2, 2009

"Clip'n'Sleep" Baby Sling Lets Your Baby Sleep

Sweetsation Therapy just released their latest innovation in baby carrying products. It is the "Clip'n'Sleep" Baby Sling. It is the first sling that allows a baby sleeping in the sling to be relocated to another place without waking baby up.

Natalja Millsap, designed this beautiful, functional and practical sling out of necessity. This patent-pending design involves heavy duty snap-rings that can be clicked-open. It allows the sling to be detached and removed without removing the baby first. It only takes one hand to remove the sling and relocate the sleeping baby to bed. The portion of the sling around the baby can serve as a blanket.

This fashionable, functional item can be customized with Swarovski Crystals, your Baby's Name and even your Baby's footprints. It's a real keepsake. They are made from luxury, soft, but strong and naturally shiny, Dupioni Silk.

Watch for their upcoming line of "Clip'n'Sleep" Baby Slings using organic fabrics.

About Sweetsation Therapy
Sweetsation Therapy was founded by Natalja Millsap in 2008. They offer organic and natural skin care for pregnancy and babies, and now, baby carrying accessories. Sweetsation Therapy promotes green living and environmental consciousness.

[Get Your "Clip'n'Sleep" Baby Sling now.]


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"Green baby slings" are looking a little boring compare to these cheerful and customizable creations. Not to mention Clip'n'Sleep solves a problem.

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