Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Product Review: CozyCare Capes

Who doesn't end up getting a bath when you bathe your little ones? Whether it's from splashing or cuddling them when they are wet. Some days I think I get wetter than they do. The answer to this age old problem: CozyCare Capes.

We tried one out. The boys were very intrigued by the new towel and the fact that mommy was "wearing" it. The generous size covered even my plus size figure ;). (If you are very petite this may be a little bit too much towel for you but you could always use if for yourself since it is very absorbent if that is the case.) Their exclusive waterproof panel kept me dry even when the boys tried their hardest to get me wet. After bath time was over, my toddler was very excited to get to use it himself and it nicely wrapped around him and kept him warm even during the dead of winter. Of course, my oldest made me promise as soon as I had a chance to wash it that he would get a turn to try it too. I had washed it before our first use, and it came out of the dryer looking brand new.

They come in a beautiful organza bag and would make a fantastic baby gift. They are even available for monogramming.

Other CozyCare products include:

  • CozyCare Mat - unique and clever multipurpose mat with exclusive built-in waterproof panel. Great for massage, tummy time, diaper changes, and many other uses.
  • CozyCare Caps - Keep your little one's head warm during and after bath.
  • CozyCare Cloths - adorable and uniquely designed round wash cloth for baby.
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