Thursday, January 29, 2009

Product Review: 'Become' More Beautiful

This is the next installment to help you "Beat the Winter Beauty Blues."

Goodies for Mom received a sample of Face Smoothing Gel from Become to try. I am the worst about treating my skin well so I need something REALLY easy to use that has big results and Face Smoothing Gel fits the bill. Just wet your face, rub on the gentle exfoliator on your face and rinse it off. I put it on then jump in the shower to rinse it off. It rinses off so easily, no residue like many scrubs. The Jojoba Beads gently polish rather than scratch. A little big goes a long way.

I immediately noticed the difference. My face felt smoother and softer after just one use. I love this gel and for $29 you cannot go wrong for a beauty product of this quality.

Note to self and others with sensitive skin: Do not wax, then use it. I broke out in hives everywhere I waxed. My husband yelled at me and said now that was not the brightest thing you've ever done. OK so he was right. (shh, don't tell him I admitted it.) So in effort to save you the embarrassment, I'm warning you so you don't end up like me slathering hydrocortizone creme on your face to go out the door. LOL! It was fine every other time I used it so it was definitely the waxing that caused it.

[Visit Become now.]


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