Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Recall: Mylicon Drops May Contain Metal

Johnson& Johnson-Merck Consumer Pharmaceuticals Co. announced yesterday that they are voluntarily recalling approximately 12,000 bottles of nonstaining Mylicon gas-relief dye-free drops. The recalled drops are 1-ounce plastic bottles that were distributed to stores after October 5, 2008 nationwide. These are a popular product for relieving gas in newborns and are sold over the counter. They were recalled because some bottles could include pieces of metal. . The company is taking this action in consultation with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The recalled bottles are from lots SMF007 and SMF008. These numbers are printed on the bottom of the box and on the lower-left side of the sticker on each bottle.

Consumers should immediately stop using the product and contact the company at 1-800-222-9435 or via the internet at www.mylicon.com for further instructions and to request a replacement or refund.

The recall does not include original infant’s Mylicon gas-relief products or half-ounce bottles of the nonstaining Mylicon gas relief dye-free drops. Visit http://www.mylicon.com/ for more information.

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Source: EcoChild's Play and Mylicon Site