Monday, October 13, 2008

Global Wonders Product Launch Available for Pre-Orders

Global Wonders is the product line developed to encourage children to share, compare and discover the cultures of their family, friends and the world.

Designed for children ages 2-7 years, the DVDs depict stories of fun-filled playdates where everyday activities are transformed into moments of discovery. Join the characters as they sample food, play games, learn vocabulary words, and experience a variety of cultural holidays, music, and traditions worldwide. With Global Wonders, children can gain a more enlightened view of themselves and the world around them, helping them to develop a stronger self-identity, increased self-esteem, and improved social skills.

The first series of DVD’s available are now for pre-order and include:
· Global Wonders: Around the World
· Global Wonders: India
· Global Wonders: Mexico
· Global Wonders: African American

Update 10/20/2008: Click here to download a coupon for $2 off your purchase of any Global Wonders DVD.

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