Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bumkins Helps Raise Breast Cancer Awareness

Bumkins is having a fabulous promotion in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month for October. In an effort to help raise awareness for a disease that threatens approximately 240,000 new women each year, Bumkins is placing its popular Grande Diaper Bag on sale and including five Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbons with each bag’s purchase. The pink ribbons can be given to friends and family members to be worn proudly both to show support of those struggling with breast cancer, and as a statement calling for further research and funding surrounding the disease.

“We are trying to foster a greater understanding of the scope of breast cancer. As a woman and mother of three daughters, I feel it is extremely important to be aware that this form of cancer’s incidence is continually increasing. I am grateful to have the opportunity to offer this small promotion to help keep women’s health issues in the forefront of people’s minds.” stated Jakki Liberman, President and Founder of Bumkins Finer Products.

P.S. I have this diaper bag and absolutely love it. Read my review.

[Check out this great promotion.]


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Love this diaper bag!

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